SCA131A Switch Output Type Tilt Switch

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General Description

   SCA131A is a digital type dual-axis tilt switch developed by RION company who integrated import control core unit , and based on level security alarm and platform leveling detection related industries application , using the transistor output circuit . Users can set alarm angle value by themselves, it will output the switch signal (output voltage = supply voltage) when exceeds the safety angle value, the drive solenoid valve will cut off the hydraulic system, also can drive the buzzer and warning lights, automatically warn the worker to operate safely .The products are mainly used to control a variety of construction machinery or equipment platform leveling, real-time automatic monitoring on platform tilt in four directions left, right , front and back status . This product with design precision, again to compensate the temperature and linearity, integrated short-circuit, high-voltage transient, polarity and surge etc. full protection functions, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial environments operating. Using the industrial grade MCU, three-anti PCB, import cable, wide temperature metal enclosure and other measures etc. to improve the industry level on products reliability and stability.


  •  Dual-axis tilt switch           
  • Accuracy:please refer to the technical data           
  • RS232 series output   
  • Switch output(high-low level) 
  • Resolution : 0.01°
  • Wide temperature working:  -40°C+85°C               
  • IP67 protection class               
  • Highly anti-vibration performance>2000g               
  • Direct lead cable interface           
  • Customer can set alarm angle value by himself           
  • With Setting 0° function              
  • Positive/negative direction output is optional             
  • DC 9~36V wide voltage input 


  • Engineering mechanical vehicles                         
  • Rail-mobile monitoring   
  • Various engineering mechanical measurement of dip angle 
  • oil-well drilling equipment    
  • Radar detection of vehicle platform                     
  • Underground drill posture navigation   
  • Gun Barrel angle measurement in early shooting         
  • Based on the angle direction measurement       
  • Satellite communications vehicle posture detection         
  • Shield pipe jacking application
  • Ship’s navigation posture measurement                   
  • Geological equipment inclined monitoring
  • The intelligent excavator / crane / cranes / pile driver / drill machine / special vehicles / mine car / track car / fire truck / aerial vehicles / bridge machine