SDA116/126T-CANopen Dynamic-Static Inclinometer

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SDA116T/SDA126T is RION's CANopen output dynamic and static dual-mode tilt sensor for industrial field control, integrating dynamic and static dual-mode combination algorithm. According to different working conditions, the product automatically switches between dynamic and static measurement modes. High-precision measurement of products is guaranteed in a variety of work environments. When the working environment is in static mode, the inclinometer will adopt a static algorithm inside. When the working environment is in dynamic mode, the dynamic algorithm will be adopted inside the inclinometer to maintain the static high precision and ensure the dynamic high-precision measurement of the object. The industry standard isolated CAN transceiver with built-in high-precision A/D differential converter, through the 5th-order filtering algorithm, can measure the tilt and pitch angle of the sensor output relative to the horizontal plane.

Thanks to the built-in high-precision digital temperature sensor from ADI, the temperature drift of the sensor can be corrected according to the change of the built-in temperature sensor to ensure high repeatability of the product under low temperature and high temperature environment. The output response frequency standard can reach 100Hz. If you need a higher response frequency, we can customize it according to the user. The products are truly industrial grade products with reliable and stable performance, good expandability and a variety of outputs to choose from. Suitable for a variety of harsh industrial control environments.


Main feature

  • dynamic-static inclinometer     
  • range: ±1~±90°           
  • output: CANopen
  • DC 9~36V power supply       
  • working temp. -40~+85°C  
  • resolution 0.01°
  • IP67                         
  • anti-vibration >2000g       
  • direct lead wire
  • size:72.62×42×23.1mm



  • Satellite antenna search star                               
  • Rail-mobile monitoring   
  • Radar detection of vehicle platform                   
  • Underground drill posture navigation   Tilt angle measurement of High-altitude construction machinery
  • oil-well drilling equipment    
  • Gun Barrel angle measurement in early shooting         
  • Based on the angle direction measurement       
  • Satellite communications vehicle posture detection       
  • Shield pipe jacking application
  • Ship’s navigation posture measurement                 
  • Geological equipment inclined monitoring