SDA120T Inclinometer-Dynamic/Static Voltage Output

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The SDA120T is a dynamic and static dual-mode voltage output tilt sensor that can simultaneously output the tilt angle of the two directions. The user only needs to collect the voltage value of the sensor to calculate the tilt angle of the current object. The built-in (MEMS) micro-solid pendulum is converted into a dip angle change by measuring the static gravitational field change, and the change is output by voltage (0-5V). It is mainly used to measure the tilt angle between an object and a horizontal plane.

This product adopts the principle of non-contact measurement, which can output the current attitude tilt angle in real time. It is easy to use and does not need to find two sides of relative change. Produced by the latest MEMS sensing production process, it has high precision, small size, strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability and strong shock and vibration resistance. It is an ideal choice for industrial equipment and platform measurement attitude!


Main feature

  •  Biaxial measurement       
  • range Optional :±1~±90°      
  • Voltage input: 9~36V     
  • Output: 0~5V             
  • working temp. -40~+85°C      
  • IP67protect grade     
  • Anti-vibration>2000g         
  • resolution ratio:0.01°  
  • Precision: reference performance table


  • Engineering vehicle leveling                         
  • Bridge and dam monitoring      
  • High altitude platform security protection             
  • Medical equipment angle control      
  • Attitude navigation of underground drilling rig         
  • Application of Shield Pipe jacking  
  • Dip direction measurement                         
  • Geological equipment tilt monitoring     
  • Mining machinery / oil drilling equipment             
  • Equipment level control