TL610D Gyroscope Sensor (MEMS Voltage Output)

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General Description

TL610D is a gyroscope (angle rate sensor) based on the micro mechanical principle, a miniature inertial devices for mainly measuring the angular velocity of a moving object. Product internal with the silicon ultrafine precision ring sensing technology so that it has a high-performance, waterproof,anti-vibration, light weight, anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics and etc. Uninterrupted the machine with self-test technology, the filtering algorithm and the first time in the country by eliminating resonance technology to solve the influence on data because of the surrounding noise or vibration interference source to the ordinary gyroscope. TL610D add another new temperature sensor compensation technology to solve the temperature drift impact problems,with over-temperature stability and long life characteristics etc. to realize the domestic similar products technology-leading technology.

Products with high cost-effective, small volume ,more advantages than the FOG in application fields, is now widely used in the automotive, military, marine, moving objects, position control & attitude control, and other applications that require precise angle measurement occasions !

Key Features

  • High performance drift stability
  • Low noise
  • Light weight
  • Long life,strong stability
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent vibration performance
  • All solid state
  • Compact & light design
  • 0~5V voltage output
  • Wide temperature range
  • DC+9~36V power supply
  • Temperature drift< ±0.1°/sec/°C


  • Military & Industry     
  • Navigation         
  • Car navigation
  • Platform stability           
  • Auto safety system
  • Remote control helicopters
  • Turck-mounted satellite antenna equipment 
  • Industrial control              
  • Equipments     
  • GPS combination   
  • Camera stability
  • Robot                     
  • 3D virtual reality
  • Ships electronic needle error compensation on inclined(angle rate) induction  equipment