tilt sensor -Dynamic dual-axis inclination

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Product Description

HDA536T is a new-generation digital MEMS dynamic tilt sensor launched by RION. It has a built-in high-accuracy acceleration and gyro sensor and integrates a Kalman filter algorithm to dynamically measure the attitude angle of the carrier. Output methods include RS232, RS485.

This product adopts non-contact measurement of the original quantity, which can output the current attitude inclination in real time. It is simple to use and does not need to find the two sides of the relative changes for installation. This product is suitable for static and dynamic measurement. It is an ideal choice for industrial automation control and platform measurement attitude. It has strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference and can adapt to long-term work in harsh industrial environments.

 Main Feature

  •  Dynamic dual-axis inclination measurement
  •  Measuring Range (rolling angle ± 180 °, pitch angle ± 90 °)
  •  Dynamic accuracy: ± 0.1 °
  •  DC 9 ~ 36V wide voltage input
  •  Wide temperature operation -40 ~ + 85 ºC
  •  Resolution 0.01 °
  •  IP67 protection level 
  • High anti-vibration performance> 2000g