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Ethernet Transceiver: Versatile Connectivity

Featured Product from Shenzhen Shengyu Electronics Technology Limited

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The KSZ9031RNXI Ethernet Transceiver is a single-chip marvel, catering to IEEE 802.3 applications with its impressive features. Supporting Ethernet speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps, this transceiver boasts RGMII timing control, voltage-tolerant I/Os, and auto-negotiation for seamless operation.

Key Features:

  1. Speed Compatibility: 10/100/1000 Mbps for IEEE 802.3 applications.
  2. RGMII Timing Control: Programmable options for precise timing adjustments.
  3. Voltage Tolerant I/Os: Compatibility with 3.3V/2.5V/1.8V levels.
  4. Auto-Negotiation: Automatically selects the highest link-up speed and duplex mode.
  5. On-Chip Termination: Includes on-chip termination resistors for differential pairs.
  6. Single Supply Operation: Requires only a single 3.3V supply for core operation.
  7. Jumbo Frame Support: Allows for frames up to 16 KB in size.
  8. Energy Detect Power-Down Mode: Reduces power consumption when cable is not attached.
  9. Wake-On-LAN (WOL) Support: Enables Wake-On-LAN with custom-packet detection.
  10. Programmable LED Outputs: Offers customization for link status, activity, and speed indication.
  11. Cable Diagnostic Features: Includes TDR-based cable diagnostics and fault detection.
  12. Loopback Modes: Features diagnostic loopback modes.
  13. Automatic MDI/MDI-X Crossover: Detects and corrects pair swaps, pair skew, and pair polarity.
  14. Management Interface: Supports MDC/MDIO management interface for PHY register configuration.
  15. Power-Down and Power-Saving Modes: Enhances energy efficiency with various modes.

Applications: Ideal for a wide range of applications, including automotive, the KSZ9031RNXI is AEC-Q100 Grade 3 qualified. Its compact 48-pin QFN package ensures space-efficient integration, making it a versatile choice for efficient and reliable Ethernet connectivity in various environments.