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4 inch 480*480 Smart TFT LCD Display with CTP

Featured Product from Shenzhen Topway Technology Co., Ltd.

4 inch 480*480 Smart TFT LCD Display with CTP-Image

Resolution: 480x480
Interface: RS232
Voltage: 5V
Temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
Wide Viewing Angle
Outline: 84mm*86mm*11.4mm
Size: 4 inch
Active Area: 71.856mm * 70.176mm
Touch Screen :CTP

Topway's 4 inch wide viewing angle smart TFT LCD display with serial interface and capacitive touch screen is a good fit for smart home system. Using free UI design tool, customer can quickly create an interface on the TFT LCD. Through TFT touch screen, user will be able to control connected smart devices in one place, and create a comfortable living environment. At the same time, home owner can easily view all information on the smart TFT LCD screen.