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Smart TFT LCD Display For Active Power Filter

Featured Product from Shenzhen Topway Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart TFT LCD Display For Active Power Filter-Image

What is Active Power Filter

APF(Active Power Filter) also called active power line conditioner is a mature technology for mitigating harmonics and reducing voltage flucturation within power grid. Once harmonic current is detected in the network, APF injects compensating current with the same amplitude but opposite phase angle into the system. As a result, APF cancels out nonlinear load, thus enhances network reliability, reduces operating expenses and improves power quality of the grid.

TFT LCD Display and APF

Nonlinear load is very harmful for power system and devices connected to the grid. And APF takes care of that. TFT LCD screen on APF device shows real-time data from power grid and let engineer monitor power system's condition.

Topway has this customer, who is an Active Power Filter device manufacturer. Initially, the client picked HMI display as an APF project's screen. Soon they found out HMI display was over-killed in term of feature. Furthermore, HMI was expensive and had a long lead time. Again, Topway provides customer a suitable product, 4.3 inch smart TFT LCD display. Smart TFT LCD display brings these benefits to the project.

  1. Quick & easy: Using UI editor tool, user can create rich user interface quickly. With host connects to smart LCD display through serial interface, simple commands are all that needed to control the screen.
  2. Economical: Smart LCD display takes care of all the display work and touch functions. System main board has less power demand.
  3. Reliable: Because of the unified construction, smart TFT LCD has way better EMC performance. And that is exactly what power grid application needs.

Because of smart TFT LCD's unique features, customer-first support and competitive pricing, the client picked Topway's smart LCD display again. With Topway engineer's help, UI with 4 different languages(Chinese, English, German and Korean) was swiftly built. APF mass production is happening.