TFT LCD Display for power supply, Smart LCD module

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TFT LCD Display for power supply, Smart LCD module-Image

TOPWAY HMT028ATB-C is a Smart TFT Module with 32bit MCU on board. Its graphics engine provides numbers of outstanding features. It supports preload and pre-design display interface that simplify the host operation and development time. Suitable for industry control, instrumentation, medical electronics,  power electric equipment applications.

Basic Specification

Resolution: 320x240
Interface: UART
Voltage: 5V
Temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
Outline: 79.3mm x 49.1mm x 9mm
Size: 2.8"
Protocol: Topway
Active Area: 27.6mm x 43.2mm
Touch Screen: RTP

TFT LCD Module

A TFT LCD has a liquid crystal layer between a glass substrate formed with TFTs and transparent pixel electrodes and another glass substrate with a color filter (RGB) and transparent counter electrodes. Each pixel in an active matrix is paired with a transistor that includes capacitor which gives each sub-pixel the ability to retain its charge, instead of requiring an electrical charge sent each time it needed to be changed. This means that TFT LCD displays are more responsive.

Color (Red, Green, Blue) data signals from a host system (e.g. PC, signal generator, etc.) are modulated into best form for active matrix system by a signal processing board, and sent to the driver LSIs which drive the individual TFT arrays. The TFT array as an electro-optical switch regulates the amount of transmitted light from the backlight assembly, when it is controlled by data signals. Color images are created by regulating the amount of transmitted light through the TFT array of red, green and blue dots.