Topway LCD Module's Interfaces and Selection

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Topway’s Smart TFT LCD module is designed for industry use, incorporated with RS232/RS485 interface. Smart LCD module can co-operate with external system, work as “slave” or “master”. New

The use of Smart TFT LCD module greatly reduces demand from main board. Thus shrinks hardware cost and technical barrier.


Normally, a compact device or simplified main board provides only MCU bus to external system. We recommend Topway LCD Module with MCU interface. Engineers can pick either 8 bits or 16 bits bus for their products.


In industry field, a device’s screen and control board could be far apart, because of different reasons. Topway’s LVDS/EDP TFT LCD modules are designed for this. It enables protecting main board yet showing display from a distant.


When using PC as industry control device, VGA or HDMI is the default interface. Joining force with Topway VGA/HDMI LCD module, this solution provides satisfactory display result and improved product reliability & flexibility.


Newer generation MCU has embedded TFT controller. When device main broad and display module is relatively closed. Using Topway LCD module with RGB interface(or TTL)?can achieve cost saving and satisfy industry application’s requirement.