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Lightweight Polyester Film Capacitors

Featured Product from Shenzhen Weidy Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

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Key Features:

  • Premium Materials: Utilizes metallized polyester film and winding structure for enhanced performance.
  • Compact and Portable: Designed with a small volume and lightweight construction, easily integrated into various circuit boards and devices.
  • Self-Healing Performance: Exceptional self-healing capability prolongs capacitor lifespan, ensuring system stability.

Product Specifications:

  • Technology Type: Single-layer wound polyester film capacitors.
  • Capacitance Range: From 0.0100 to 10 microfarads.
  • Voltage Rating: 50 to 1000 volts.
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes.
  • Lead Style: Axial leads.
  • Packaging Method: Bulk (optional).

Primary Applications:

  • General Purpose: Suitable for a wide range of electronic devices and equipment.
  • Lighting: Ideal for lighting products, providing stable power support.
  • Power Supply: Essential component in various power supply circuits, ensuring efficient operation.

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