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Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors

Featured Product from Shenzhen Weidy Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

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MKP(E) THB series capacitors are specially designed for use in capacitor step-down circuits connected in series with 100~240VAC power supplies, making them ideal for applications like electricity meters and LED driver modules. These capacitors feature metallized polypropylene construction with exceptional self-healing capabilities, ensuring durability against surge voltage impacts.

They maintain excellent capacitance stability under prolonged loads and offer moisture resistance and flame retardancy. Furthermore, these capacitors demonstrate remarkable stability in harsh environments, including high-temperature and high-humidity conditions, making them suitable for long-term applications.

With a capacitance range of 0.1000 to 1.5 microF and RoHS compliance, MKP(E) THB capacitors are versatile components for general purpose, lighting, and power supply applications.