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Polyester Film Capacitor: 0.0100 to 10 Microfarads

Featured Product from Shenzhen Weidy Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

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Outstanding Performance

  • High-quality polyester film with a compact and lightweight non-inductive winding structure ensures stability and reliability.
  • Excellent self-healing properties extend the service life and enhance equipment reliability.

Versatile Applications

  • Suitable for various applications such as general-purpose equipment, lighting, and power supplies, meeting diverse circuit design needs.
  • Wide capacitance range from 0.0100 to 10 microfarads caters to a broad range of requirements.

Premium Materials

  • Utilizes metallized polyester film with excellent insulation properties and voltage resistance.
  • Flame-retardant epoxy powder encapsulation enhances safety and reliability.

Reliability Assurance

  • RoHS compliant, environmentally friendly, and meets industry standards.
  • Radial lead style facilitates easy installation and connection, improving production efficiency.

The W21 (CL21 series) polyester film capacitor is the ideal choice for your electronic devices, offering enduring stable performance and reliable assurance for your projects.