Cellular modem offer for Tap Water Supply Monitor

Featured Product from Shenzhen Wlink Technology Co., Limited

Nowadays, water pipeline networks need to be monitored in real-time to avoid interruption of an essential service, ensure the quality of water supply, security and reliability and to react quickly in case of accidents. In tap water supply system, it is critical to monitor the flow measurement, velocity, treatment pants and real-time pressure data for enhance all aspect of the automatic process monitoring and control.

Due to the distribution pipe network located in remote or even poor environment, the wired communication is obviously not realistic. However, equipping with WLINK 3G/GPRS DTU(Data Terminal Unit) for each access point which is able to transmit the data by wirelessly is the ideal solution replace of fiber or wired line, WLINK provides WL-D800 series 3G/GPRS DTU(serial port to IP modem) as remote data transmission unit to transmit data real-time and reliably to data server center. Furthermore, the application is also suitable for gas and oil pipeline system.


  • Provide high transfer rate by cellular wireless
  • Remote real-time monitoring
  • Build up reliable communication between meters to monitoring center
  • Meet the requirements of transmitting large amounts of data
  • Increase the economic efficiency of the pipeline network
  • Improve the system safety and security


  • Avoid fixed-line infrastructure trouble
  • Cost-effective, 30+% cost savings
  • Rapid deployment, flexible relocation
  • Return on Invest

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  • WL-D800 series 3G/GPRS DTU(serial port to IP modem)
  • Optimized EMC design
  • Standard PPP, TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocol
  • RS232/RS485/RS422 interface options
  • Always online.
  • Automatically attaches 3G/GPRS when powered on, and utomatically redials whenoff line and keep line alive
  • Offline when idle and  triggered online by user data, ring or SMS
  • 3G/GPRS channel and SMS mutual backup
  • Supports up to 3 data service centers communications