Industrial 4G Router used in Telematics

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Telematics is a big concept and wide applicaiton, basically consists of Telecommunication and Informatics, which can be applied to vehicle information services. Using Cellular 4G/3G communication and GPS satellite navigation technology to provide vehicle owners the information services that they need, including Satellite positioning, roadside assistance, remote diagnostics, 4G+/4G network and Entertainment, security monitoring, fleet management and other services. In the near future, Telematics is also integral to the creation of self-driving vehicles.

WLINK Solution

Equiping WLINK 4G/3G cellular router with integrated CANBUS port to collect vehicle data, and send to the service center for remote monitoring and vehicle diagnosis. And with built-in GPS to monitor the location, movements and status so as to improve your fleet's performance and reduce your stress. In addition to Wi-Fi, the cellular networks -- whether 3G, 4G or upcoming 5G -- could be used to facilitate communication between remote vehicles and monitoring center. Faster wireless networks enable more advanced onboard services such as vehicle firmware updates, and multiuser Wi-Fi hotspots and video for passengers.


  • Vehicle tracking. Monitor the location and status of the vehicle to improve fleet performance and reduce management pressure.
  • Roadside Assistance. Press SOS button to send alarm messages to the service centerin once an accident or vehicle breakdown.occurs.
  • Remote diagnosis. Automatic detection and maintenance based on vehicle conditions.
  • Fleet management. Vehicle tracking and maintenance, driver management, fuel management, safety management and dynamic vehicle scheduling.
  • Security monitoring. Real-time video surveillance.
  • Enjoy 4G mobile network. Make your journey more funs with high-speed WiFi.


  • Improving productivity through optimizing routes and reducing operating costs by increasing fuel efficiency.
  • racking and reallocating fleet units as needed to reduce response time and give customers more face-to-face time, thereby improving customer service.
  • Enhance fleet safety and security through monitoring dangerous driving habits.
  • Regulate driver behavior based on path tracking and analysis.
  • Shorten downtime by anticipating potential vehicle maintenance events and reschedule routes and drivers accordingly. 


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WL-G500/G510 series 4G router

  • Industrial robust, heavy-duty metal enclosure for shock and high vibration environments

  • High data speed via 4G+ or 4G network, 3G backward compatible

  • Strong electromagnetic interference Resistance

  • Built-in watch dog, Multi-link detection

  • Integrated CANBUS interface

  • Gigabit Ethernet ports for networking flexibility

  • High speed dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi and integrated hotspot functionality

  • Dual SIM for Failover / Backup between two different operators