Industrial dual serial port Gateway

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Industrial dual serial port Gateway-Image


The rugged D82 series is the two serial port supported serial to IP 4G data terminal, called DTU( Data Transfer Unit) as well. It provides two RS232/RS-485/RS-422/TTL interface and equipped with PPP, TCP/IP and DDP protocol, it could convert the user serial data into IP data and then transmits the data to the customer's data service center through complete transparent data channel over 4G LTE/3G/GPRS mobile network, FDD-LTE / TDD-LTE 4G network and transmits the data to the customer’s data service center through complete transparent data channel, allows a simple and rapid integration of cellular network connectivity into M2M application. 

With the robust, reliable, long life and compact metal case design, the D82 data terminal ideally adapts to onboard standard, easy to deploy and maintain, it has been widely applied in many fields worldwide, such as power SCADA, oil field, coal mine, weather forecast, environment protection, water conservancy, heating, natural gas, petroleum and so on.

Basic Features

  • Integrated mobile  (GSM/GPRS/HSPA+/LTE) network communication
  • Optimized EMC design
  • Industrial pluggable terminal block
  • Support APN and VPDN private network
  • Support transparent data transmission
  • Support data service center with dynamic IP address
  • Standard PPP, UDP and Coap protocol
  • RS232/RS485 optional for data communication
  • Support LED status indication
  • Wide range voltage input
  • Smart power management
  • External power on/off control
  • Reliable, flexible and easy to deploy

Enhanced Features

Multiple operation model

  • Always online: automatically attaches GSM/GPRS/HSPA+/LTE when powered on
  • automatically redials when off line and keep line alive
  • Offline when idle and trigged online by user data, ring or SMS
  • GPRS channel and SMS mutual backup
  • Online/offline control by commands via user equipment
  • Data loop test
  • Supports UDP and CoaP

Multiple data service centers communications 

  • Supports up to 4 data service centers communications
  • Supports main/backup data service centers communications
  • Supports customized setting for each data service center

Flexible and utilitarian data communications

  • Supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DDPTM, SMS and AT
  • Self-defines transparent or protocol communications
  • Self-defines customized data frame separator
  • Self-defines reconnecting interval
  • Self-defines heart-beat data frame

Parameters configuration and remote management

  • Built-in parameters configuration menu
  • Configuration tool based on PC
  • Remote parameters configuration via data service center
  • Remote parameters configuration by SMS
  • Parameters configuration via AT+ commands

Typical Appliation

  • Power SCADA
  • Oil field,
  • Coal mine,
  • Weather forecast
  • Environment protection,
  • Water conservancy,
  • Heating, natural gas,
  • Petroleum