M100 Industrial Cellular Modem

Featured Product from Shenzhen Wlink Technology Co., Limited

Wlink M100 family industrial 3G cellular Modem with RS232/RS-485 interface is the model that provides SMS and dial-up function by 3G/4G Cellular network cater for industrial application requirement. 
Due to the performance industrial module, robust metal case and a wide operating temperature range, this model is well suitable for industrial application. The configuration and controlling can be made using AT-commands.

Industrial Class Design

  • High-powered Industrial cellular module provide the strong anti-jamming ability
  • PCB comply to 3H and 3W
  • Wide range Voltage power supply

Flexibility and Convenience

  • Support standard RS232/RS485 interface that can plug into industrial PC or end RS232 /RS485 device
  • Plug & Play solution for quick and easy integration , flexible and reliable
  • Control the power on/off by interface control line, easy for user device to control the operation of the modem

Stability and Reliability

  • The modem support serial I/O hardware reset to ensure always online
  • Link detection and watch-dog design, support WDT to ensure always online transmission
  • UIM/SIM SIM card ESD Protection: 1.8V/3V Standard
  • RS232 Interface ESD protection
  • Robust Metal Case and anti-lightning protection
  • Provide IP30 protection