Wireless in Unmanned Transformer Substation

Featured Product from Shenzhen Wlink Technology Co., Limited

A transformer substation is a location where electric power is converted from bulk power to local power or vice versa.

Nowadays, the unmanned transformer substation has been widely utilized in power system. How to ensure transformer Substation system reliable and stable? How to prevent and avoid the failures? It’s critical for monitoring and management such as devices operation status of main control room, real-time status of main transformer, circuit breaker and isolating switch, fire alarm and video camera real-time monitoring in unmanned transformer substation system.

Due to the unmanned transformer Substation in remote and distributed environment, the wired monitoring and management is obviously not realistic. However, equipping with WLINK 4G/3G router for each access point which is able to transmit solar power station data by 4G/3G is the ideal solution replace of fiber or wired line .WLINK 4G/3G router provides stable, reliable and real-time 4G/3G network between unmanned transformer substation and monitor center.


  • Provide the stable and high speed connection on 4G/3G network
  • Re-connect automatically to ensure continual communication
  • Remote real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Maintenance cost low
  • No limited by the geographical position
  • Safe and reliable without risk of electric shock
  • Enable fast and easy installation, operation and fixed relocation


  • Avoid fixed-line infrastructure trouble
  • Made you easy to improve the organizational efficiency, hastening speed to market and better serving customers.
  • Cost-effective, 30+% cost savings
  • Rapid deployment, flexible relocation
  • Return on Invest

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