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Biodegradable Cellulose Tape:Eco-friendly solution

Featured Product from Shenzhen You-San Technology Co., Ltd.

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You-San Technology’s biodegradable cellulose tape emerges as an excellent choice, offering outstanding performance and high viscosity. Moreover, it can be directly integrated into the papermaking process, making a contribution to the Earth’s environment.

Production and Raw Materials of Biodegradable Tape

The biodegradable tape produced by You-San Technology is made by blending cotton pulp and wood pulp to create a cellulose film, which is then coated with an environmentally friendly water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. This eco-friendly choice of raw materials makes the tape an ideal option for reducing white waste and the use of non-biodegradable materials.

 Characteristics of Biodegradable Tape

1.Stretchability: Provides tighter and more secure packaging bundling.

2.Breathability: Environmentally friendly with good air permeability

3.Low noise: Using plant-basedfully biodegradable film, low noise during unwinding

5.Anti-static: Effectively prevents static electricity

6.Excellent adhesion retention:Long-term stability without any detachment

7.High adhesive strength: Stronginitial tack and excellent bonding performance

8.High and low-temperature resistance The base material can withstand temperatures up to 220?

9.Recyclable: Can be recycled and reused with waste paper.degrading in soil within approximately 180 days

10.Easy tear and strong tensile strength: Strong lateral tensiles trenath easy tear in the longitudinal direction, suitable for machine and manual packaging

Degradation of Cellulose Tape

Cellulose can be degraded through various methods such as hydrolysis, oxidative degradation, mechanical degradation, thermal degradation, and photochemical degradation. Regardless of the degradation method, it is a natural decomposition process for organic waste, ultimately forming environmentally harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water. It is a truly eco-friendly and biodegradable choice.


You-San Technology’s biodegradable cellulose tape is an environmentally friendly and high-performance alternative to traditional tape. It offers superior performance, and using biodegradable tape helps reduce white pollution and increase the recycling rate of waste paper, contributing to another level of green environmental protection. By choosing You-San Technology’s products, you not only obtain high-quality tape but also contribute to the cause of environmental conservation.

When the biodegradable cellulose film tape is recycled together with waste packaging boxes, there is no need to separate the tape from the packaging paperboard. It can be recycled together in the papermaking process. As a result, it reduces industrial waste in the papermaking process and significantly enhances the recycling rate of waste paper, taking the concept of green environmental protection to a new level.