Acrylic Foam Double-Sided Suitable For Car Deco

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The P3000GT series acrylic foam double-sided tape is an industrial adhesive tape made from acrylic foam as the substrate, uniformly coated with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, and then compounded with release film. Has excellent adhesion performance and high flexibility. This adhesive tape is specially designed for the internal and external parts and accessories of automobiles. The P3000GT series provides the same adhesion performance as the traditional acrylic foam adhesive tape, as well as the initial adhesion performance under low temperature environment, to improve the low-temperature workability.

The shrinkage and elongation of plastic components caused by temperature changes have good stress relaxation performance, which is very important for the accessories of automotive components.


1.Body side molds, weather strips, window molds, and logos

2.Bumper molding, roof molding, door edge molding

3.End rubber, lining protector, mud mud guard

4.Large side shields, side shields, etc


1.Good buffering performance

2.Excellent low-temperature bonding performance

3.High final adhesion and peel strength

4.Can be used in various weather conditions, resistant to solvents and high temperatures

5.Good stress relaxation performance, suitable for shrinkage and elongation of automotive components caused by temperature changes

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2.Other customization