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Decompression Toys Sticky Ball Tape

Featured Product from Shenzhen You-San Technology Co., Ltd.

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Adhesive Mechanism: The tape consists of a flexible backing material with small, round, sticky balls evenly distributed on one side. These balls provide the adhesive force to hold items in place.

Ease of Use: Sticky ball tape is easy to apply and remove. You simply peel off the backing and press the sticky balls against the desired surface. To remove, you can gently pull the tape off, leaving no residue behind.

Versatility: This tape is suitable for hanging lightweight items such as pictures, decorations, notes, and even small tools. It's perfect for surfaces where you don't want to use nails, screws, or other permanent fasteners.

Reusable: Many sticky ball tapes are designed to be reusable. After removing the tape, you can wash the sticky balls with water to remove any dirt or dust and reuse them.

Surface Compatibility: Sticky ball tape works best on smooth, non-porous surfaces. It may not adhere well to textured or porous surfaces such as wood, fabric, or some plastics.

Load Capacity: Keep in mind that sticky ball tape has a limited load capacity. It's not suitable for hanging heavy items or items that require a strong, permanent hold.


1.Children's toys: Sticky ball tape can be used as a children's toy, allowing children to explore and experience different textures and physical properties through stickiness and stretching. Can be used to create a variety of interesting patterns and shapes to stimulate children's creativity and imagination.
2.Stress relief tool: Tacky ball tape can be used as a stress relief tool due to its stretchable and malleable properties. When people feel stressed or anxious, sticky ball tape can be used to relax and relieve stress by stretching, kneading or applying sticky ball tape.
3.Educational Tool: In science education, sticky ball tape can be used to demonstrate physical properties such as viscosity and elasticity of matter, helping students understand these concepts more intuitively.
4.Handicraft production: Sticky ball tape can be used to make various handicrafts, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other accessories, as well as small sculptures and models. Not only are these crafts fun, they can also be given as gifts to friends and family.
5.DIY activities: Sticky ball tape is a good helper for DIY enthusiasts. Can be used to decorate stationery, mobile phone cases, notebooks and other items to make them more personalized and unique.