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Shepard Niles is one of America's oldest manufacturers of heavy-duty hot-metal carriers and hoists. We've filled orders from Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford, and built the cranes that helped construct the first nuclear submarine. Because we archive the drawings for every Shepard Niles crane and hoist ever built, and own the tooling and dies for all Shepard Niles parts, we have the ability to completely restore your Shepard Niles equipment to new condition- no ifs, ands or buts. It is common knowledge that Shepard Niles cranes and hoists, built largely by hand, are the workhorse of the material handling industry, considered over-engineered to the point that they are virtually abuse-proof. The value of this construction and technology is creating a crane and hoist that can, except for a few wear-intensive components, be expected to last for many decades.

When we say that a rebuilt Shepard Niles crane and hoist may be "better than new" we are taking into account the replacement cost of a new crane or hoist capable of the same capacity, duty and use. Your rebuilt Shepard Niles equipment is indeed a bargain compared to purchasing new equipment rated to do the same job under the same conditions.

Rebuilding to New Standards
Shepard Niles cranes and hoists as much as 75 years old are being rebuilt to new condition. Your rebuilt crane or hoist will contain all new, first quality Shepard Niles OEM parts, and will appear in every way as it did when it was first installed, including a fresh coat of long-wearing paint.

Rebuilding Components:
We can also rebuild many components such as controls, load blocks, bridge drives and load brakes. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

Delivery and Warranty
Shepard Niles rebuilding programs can typically be completed in six to eight weeks, much sooner than the delivery and installation time for equivalent new equipment. All rebuilt Shepard Niles equipment qualify for an unconditional one-year warranty which is backed by the assurance of Konecranes, one of the world's largest providers of material handling equipment, technology and service.