Geophysical, Seismic & Civil Engineering Studies

Product Announcement from Sherborne Sensors

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  • Bore-hole mapping, dam and rock shifts and other geophysical, seismic and civil engineering studies
  • Ballast transfer systems for offshore barges, ships and other marine applications
  • Level control and calibration systems
  • Pipeline levelling, setting tilt of grading machines, crane overturning-moment alarms, and other heavy duty construction control requirements
  • Large machinery installation and other electronic level applications

LSOC/P Series Precision Inclinometers

The LSO  is a high precision gravity referenced servo inclinometer that can be used for a wide variety of industrial and military applications. Models are available in a variety of angular ranges each with low impedance output signals. Electrical terminations are via 6-way bayonet lock connector (LSOC) or solder pins (LSOP). It is extremely robust and will withstand shocks in excess of 1500g. The design is well proven with many thousands in use throughout the world in the most demanding of applications.

Sherborne Sensors

Sherborne Sensors is an established, dynamic company based in ‘transducer valley’ in Hampshire, UK with an expanding world-wide customer base.

Our core operations focus on the design and manufacture of precision Inclinometers, Accelerometers and Force Transducers. All of these products enjoy an unrivalled status for ultra-reliability and long-life precision in critical military and industrial applications. We offer a large range of standard “off the shelf” units to meet the requirements of many applications but a large percentage of our business is the manufacture of custom sensors to meet customer’s specific requirements.
The Force Transducers have their roots with the Maywood brand founded in the 1970s.



Sherborne Sensors high precision inclinometers are designed to measure horizontal and vertical angular inclination with virtually infinite resolution. Our inclinometers provide reliable, highly accurate, tilt and inclination measurements and are used in demanding military and industrial applications where high precision angular measurements are essential.


Sherborne Sensors manufacture a wide range of high precision inertial accelerometers to measure linear acceleration and deceleration with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. Our accelerometers are used in demanding aerospace, aviation, military and industrial applications around the world.

Force Transducers

The Sherborne Sensors range of high performance compression force transducers, force sensors and load cells provide unrivalled performance and reliability for a diverse range of load applications.


Custom Products

Sherborne Sensors actively supports a substantial infrastructure to design, develop, test and deliver customised sensor products and systems across all of the market areas we serve. This includes our own in house specialists in mechanical prototyping, electrical circuit design, accessory design and integration, and sensor packaging.

We welcome opportunities to design and evaluate solutions that modify our existing products, or require a completely new sensor, built around our proven inertial sensor elements.

We are very adept at not only designing robust, accurate and repeatable products, but also doing so in a cost effective and timely manner. Recognizing that design features of a sensor may at times enhance certain specification capabilities at the expense of others, we invest significant effort in consulting with our customers to completely understand their requirements, and convey our design recommendations in a comprehensive offering.

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