MOC63u Moisture Balance

Product Announcement from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

MOC63u Moisture Balance-Image

The MOC63u features a variety of measurement modes, including multiple ending and drying modes, to suit the sample characteristics. The easy-start mode allows for a fast response time during testing, and the simple keypad permits easy operation. The long-life halogen heater prepares samples efficiently for quick and accurate measurement.

In addition, this compact analyzer has a built-in USB port, a large pan size, and an illuminated easy-to-read display. Windows® Direct capability lets users integrate weighing results with laboratory software without a special application.

The MOC63u can be used for a wide variety of applications in multiple industries, including:

· Food: Harvest inspections and quality control for food processing

· Chemical: Materials inspection and quality control of paint

· Environmental: Biofuel and polluted sludge measurement

· Pharmaceutical: Drug quality assurance and cosmetic testing