Pendulum Shock Testing Machine

Product Announcement from Shinyei Corporation of America

Pendulum Shock Testing Machine-Image


  • Table top device Machine can be mounted on table. Big impact force generated in testing can be absorbed with double-shock absorbers.
  • Wide shock pulse range Shock pulse is half-sine wave and fits to the specified waveform of the standards in various shock tests. Acceleration range is 50 to 50000m/s2 (from 5 to 5000G).
  • Various types of specimen can be tested Regardless of sizes and configurations, any types of specimen can be tested by using holders at the back of pendulum impacts them in triaxial directions.
  • Automatic operation The machine is operated with control device. When the height of pendulum swing-up is set, pendulum with specimen is dropped as swing of the pendulum to apply the specified shock to the specimen. Thought the pendulum rebounds, it is stopped gently by brake mechanism.
  • Conforming to various standards
    JIS C004
    JIS C00912
    IEC 68-2-27