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LiPOLY® Lightweight Thermal Conductive Putty

Featured Product from Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd

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LiPOLY's low-density gap filler material suitable for electronic products and automotive electronic equipment. Its low density and lightweight properties improve product performance, reduce production costs, and reduce material use and energy consumption


  • Lightweight, Low Density
  • High flow rate, extrusion rate under 90psi & 60s conditions:56 g/min
  • Bond line thickness:100-1500µm
  • No vertical flow
  • For any high compression and low stress application


  • Mobile communication device
  • Drone & aircraft
  • Sports and leisure electronic products
  • Portable computers and tablets, wearable devices
  • Portable game consoles, VR devices

Lightweight Thermal Conductive Putty

For more types of products, please refer to the LiPOLY website.

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