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LiPOLY® Silicone Free Thermal Absorber Pad

Featured Product from Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd

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LiPOLY NT series is a thermally conductive absorber based upon soft magnetic materials dispersed in a non-silicone resin. It has a thermal conductivity of 2.0-4.0 W/m*K and dissipates electromagnetic radiation rapidly to mitigate against EMI issues.


Frequency Application:

  • 4 GHz Wi-Fi Router , Bluetooth
  • 5 GHz 5G Mobile Networks
  • 0 GHz Wi-Fi Router
  • 0 GHz Wi-Fi Router
  • 12~18 GHz Low Earth Orbit (LEO) System
  • 28 GHz 5G Mobile Networks
  • 39 GHz 5G Mobile Networks

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