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LiPOLY Thermal Conductive Die Attach Adhesive

Featured Product from Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd

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LiPOLY’s TIM14 is a two-part compound silicone base thermal conductive adhesive gel. The high deformation properties perfectly fill small air gaps to eliminate tolerances. It’s ideally suited for manual dispensing applicator and dispensing robot. Friendly design escape from high cost of cold-chain transportation and freeze preservation.


Thermal Management Materials for the Future
In this competitive market, we provided the best professional solution plans for our customers. To respond to the rapid growth in technology, our team thrives to create thermal products that reduce our products' environmental impact and improve trading arrangements for key technologies. To maintain our competitive advantage, we increase our intellectual property, encourage innovation, and seek to develop innovative patents for new thermal products.

Keeping up with the advancements in technology is challenging. Our thermal engineers push the boundaries of technology to develop the most advanced thermal products on the market. Our thermal engineers are committed to developing innovative solutions to address the challenges facing system designers around the globe. Our research and development team works closely with our customers to develop products to fit their specific requirements.

Innovative Thermal Solutions
Over the past decade, LiPOLY has developed Thermal Pads, Thermal Pastes, Thermal Greases, Gap Fillers, Thermal Tapes, and Insulator materials for companies working in Computer, Storage, Gaming, Datacom Infrastructure, Automotive Electronics, Lighting Equipment, Power, and Industrial Automation. LiPOLY TIMs have been designed into thousands of applications for some of the largest electronic companies in the world. We listen to our customers’ needs and develop thermal solutions that meet our customers’ specific design requirements. Our customers come to us because we deliver innovative and reliable thermal interface solutions.

LiPOLY Thermal Interface Materials have:

  • Low thermal impedance
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Stronger adhesion
  • Great compliance and conformability
  • Ease of application
  • Consistent reliability


Shiu Li Technology Co., LTD 
Shiu Li Technology Co., LTD has established itself as a world-leading thermal management manufacturer, developing high-performance thermal solutions for product designers around the globe. Selling under its brand LiPOLY,  Shi Li Technology Co. LTD has heavily invested in the development of advanced thermal conductive products for high-powered modules. In 2018, Shiu Li Technology LLC was established in the United States to better serve customers in North America and Europe.

Shiu Li Technology has served more than 2000 customers worldwide, delivering thermal solutions in computer manufacturing, data communication, consumer electronics, data centers, military equipment, automotive equipment, lighting, power conversion, and more.