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LiPOLY® Thermal Conductive Putty with 13.0 w/m*k

Featured Product from Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd

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LiPOLY DTT13 is a one-part dispensable material with thermal conductivity 13.0 W/m*K. High deformation can fill small air gaps perfectly to remove tolerance. It also can overcome overflow and drying problems to increase the thermal conductivity. DTT13 is a great alternative to thermal grease and ideally suited for dispensing using the dispensing robot.

DTT13 datasheet

LiPOLY has established itself as a world-leading thermal management manufacturer, developing high-performance thermal solutions for product designers around the globe. LiPOLY has heavily invested in the development of advanced thermal conductive products for high powered modules. In 2018, Shiu Li Technology LLC was established in the United States to better serve customers in North America and Europe.

LiPOLY has served more than 2000 customers worldwide, delivering thermal solutions in computer manufacturing, data communication, consumer electronics, data centers, military equipment, automotive equipment, lighting, power conversion, and more.