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LiPOLY® Thermal Pad with Minimal Oil Bleed

Featured Product from Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd

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LiPOLY's AS series features minimal oil bleed even under high compression, preventing contamination of electronic components from silicon oil leakage or accumulation of dust, ensuring product cleanliness and appearance. With thermal conductivity ranging from 2.0 to 4.0W/m*K, it serves as an ideal choice for gap filler material. Its hardness of Shore OO/30-40 offers flexibility, compressibility, and insulation.


LiPOLY has established itself as a world-leading thermal management manufacturer, developing high-performance thermal solutions for product designers around the globe. 

LiPOLY has served more than 2000 customers worldwide, delivering thermal solutions in computer manufacturing, data communication, consumer electronics, data centers, military equipment, automotive equipment, lighting, power conversion, and more.