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ShopFloorConnect Reports

ShopFloorConnect has a powerful browser-based reporting feature that allows you to configure and generate reports on demand, or to set up schedules to automatically deliver pre-configured reports.   The ShopFloorConnect Standard Reports are templates that can be configured to include data from a specified time period, also from specific machines, operators, part numbers (or other important parameters depending on machine type), and/or shift.   The individual reports have a number of report-specific configurable parameters called "filters" that control the report content.


How ShopFloorConnect Works

Your machines send production data to ShopFloorConnect over your existing Ethernet.   ShopFloorConnect logs the latest status from every machine and makes it available to you in real time.

A ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface is installed on each machine in your facility. The Machine Interface features a touch-screen display that allows the machine operator to select downtime reasons and enter data. With just a few connections to the machine controller, the SFC Interface can detect when the machine is running, count cycles or parts (where applicable), and inhibit machine operation after a stoppage until the operator specifies a downtime reason.

The Machine Interface communicates over your existing Ethernet to the ShopFloorConnect software running on your server. ShopFloorConnect constantly polls the machines, and logs all machine time into one of five different categories or “states”:

ShopFloorConnect® Asset Utilization Software

Plant floor visibility from anywhere

You can’t improve what you don’t measure

ShopFloorConnect is the newest offering from the Wintriss Controls Group of Acton, MA.   Wintriss has been manufacturing and installing electronic controllers on industrial machinery for over 50 years.

Wintriss developed its first industrial data collection and production reporting software product in 1985, and we've been perfecting it ever since.

Wintriss has a unique skill set: Not only do we provide a reliable, robust, and scalable data collection product, but we've also developed an on-machine solution that is fast and simple to install, and operator friendly.   More importantly, Wintriss has the expertise to seamlessly adapt it to your machinery.

These products are known for their proven performance and rugged dependability in the toughest factory environments. Wintriss products are backed by attentive service, expert application assistance, and comprehensive spares inventories. A toll-free hotline to our Acton, MA location gives customers immediate access to technical support experts for product information and troubleshooting.

Wintriss provides a broad portfolio of safety and automation solutions for industry.  The product range includes production reporting software, light curtains, clutch/brake controls, die protection systems, load analyzers, and in-die quality control systems.

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We support ShopFloorConnect from our main location in Acton, MA, as well as field offices in Chicago and Nashville.   Our technicians are available from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern time, and can provide phone and/or live VPN support.

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