HVAC High Side and Low Side Pressure Gage

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The versatile electronic HydroData Multimeter combines the functions and ranges of several gages into a single broad range meter. This meter functions as a compound pressure gage, simultaneously measuring the high side and low side gage pressures along with the differential pressure, and displays each of the readings in sequence. Any reading may be alternately displayed in English or metric units and may be directly converted to other units immediately following display of the reading. Any mix of readings or units can be stored for later recall.

The HydroData Multimeter is accurate across an extremely broad range of fluid gage pressures and differential pressures. The high pressures existing at pumps, chillers, cooling towers, and high rise building conditions can be measured up to 250 psi. The meter will also measure very low pressures, such as reheat coil pressure drops, and low flow conditions on flow measuring orifice plates, or pitot probes down to 0.1 in wc differential and gage pressures. Additional low pressure applications include negative pump suction head and air side pressures of fans, coils and filters.

The HydroData Multimeter comes complete with a shutoff, bypass, and blow down valve network mounted on a portable meter panel. The valve network panel facilitates meter zero procedure, bleed-off of air, venting of pressures, or draining of water. The valves are quarter turn, brass body, stainless steel ball, teflon seat design.

The HydroData Multimeter may also be removed from the valve network panel and used independently.

The rugged carrying case is designed with storage compartments for accessories, hoses, tools and reports or paperwork. The meter and valve network panel are easily removed from the carrying case and conveniently carried to various project locations.

Hydrodata™ Multimeter HDM-250 Electronic Pressure Gage

  • Gage Pressure
  • Differential Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Complete Kit with Valve Network Panel & Hoses
  • Pressures Displayed in PSI, FT HD, In WC and in HC KPA, MHD, MMH20 & MMHG
  • Temperatures Displayed in °F and °C
  • Auto Range
  • English and Metric
  • Broad Range: 0-250 PSI
  • 100 Reading Memory
  • Water and Air


Shortridge Instruments, Inc. developed the analog FlowHood in 1974, and invented the line of unique electronic digital readout AirData Multimeters in 1984, providing direct readout of air flow, velocity, pressure and temperature. The rugged, reliable field instrument automatically zeroes and automatically corrects for the density effects of barometric pressure and temperature. Readings in English or metric units. All calibrations certified NIST traceable. Calibration program maintained in compliance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 17025 and MIL-STD 45662A.

AirData Multimeter for Every Application Shortridge Instruments, Inc., offers five different levels of AirData Multimeters. The entry level model CFM-88L reads air flow, temperature, and absolute pressure, and comes complete with an 8400 FlowHood kit. The more advanced meters may be used with a FlowHood, but also read velocity and differential pressures, including static and velocity pressures. The powerful model ADM-880C provides true datalogging functionality with a 2000 reading memory, recall of each time and date stamped reading, and the associated temperature and pressures recorded for each reading. The average, sum, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation may be viewed for each of the 25 user selectable memory groups. Readings may be downloaded directly to a computer or printer.

ADM Kits - Complete Solutions AirData Multimeter kits include industry standard pitot tubes, static pressure probes and tubing. The ADM-880C, 870C and 860C AirData Multimeters also include two proprietary probes which make air balancing faster and easier. The AirFoil probe is a single point velocity probe with a straight shaft design for easy duct insertion. The VelGrid is a 16 point, velocity averaging grid, which is useful for exhaust hoods, cleanroom filter outlets, laminar flow workstations and large filters and coils.

HDM Kits Provide Complete Solutions
The HDM-250 HydroData Multimeter is designed for efficient, accurate pressure and temperature measurements of nonpotable water. This meter functions as a compound pressure gage, simultaneously measuring the high side and low side pressures, along with the differential pressure, and displays each of the readings in sequence. Any mix of readings may be stored for later recall. The HDM-250 kit supplies key accessories for water pressure measurement, including a Valve Network Panel, hoses and a variety of brass fittings.

FlowHood Tops for Every Application 
Standard FlowHood top sizes supplied with FlowHood kits are 2'x2', 2'x4', 1'x4', 3'x3' and 1'x5'. Two standard sizes may also be ordered for use with slotted diffusers, 5.25"x47" and 5.25"x60" and two standard sizes are offered for Direct Inflow Measurement (DIM) on cleanroom cabinets: 8"x24" and 10"x24". Custom top sizes available on request.

Shortridge Instruments, Inc. is proud to continue providing calibration and service support for ALL MODELS (previous and current) of the AirData Multimeter, HydroData Multimeter and FlowHood.