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Fact or Fiction: Track and Trace Edition

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hCome along while we debunk common misconceptions and gain current application knowledge in the track and trace industry

We did the research and found some myths circulating about track and trace solutions. After gathering intel from SICK application and solution experts, we were able to discern what is commonly misconceived. From master data to line-scan technology, we have it all. Below are ten myths we debunked with some more information as to why “what you heard” isn’t actually true.


Fact: Competitors cannot accurately claim their readers can process damaged barcodes that laser scanners cannot. Laser scanners are an affordable option for reading damaged barcodes. You don’t always need a camera to read 1D barcodes, and some competitors only offer cameras without providing the cost-effective alternatives that SICK provides. The decoding capacity on SICK scanners continues to improve, especially in the CLV. Whether the barcodes are distorted, covered, washed out, dirty, or glossy, SICK brings the experience of addressing applications over many years and multiple technology sets to find the best solution.


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