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After recent success with the conversion and certification of SICK’s MCS300 HW analyzer solution, SICK has added another product to its lineup of those certified with Class 1, Division 2 approval.

Class 1 hazardous locations refer to facilities that deal with flammable gases, vapors, and liquids. Division 2 specifies that these flammable materials be handled, processed, or used only in the defined hazardous location, and are do not normally have high enough concentrations present to be ignitable. Essentially, this standard ensures the proper handling and storage of flammable gases, vapor, and liquids to prevent ignition.

With the GM32 in-situ gas analyzer now certified with this approval, this ensures the effective and safe measurement of SO2, NO, NO2, and NH3 in chemical processing settings. The GM32 measures directly and quickly without gas sampling and transport. This means control systems can work with actual values, in real time.

It provides up to eight measuring components at the same time, plus process temperature and pressure. Numerous independent measuring ranges provide consistent accuracy in measuring various gases. This is enhanced by the current certification for Class 1, Div 2.

Fields of Application for GM32

  • For monitoring and control in flue gas purification, such as denitrification plants, desulfurization plants, and converters
  • Emissions monitoring according to EPA or local regulations
  • Monitoring of landfill gases
  • Monitoring tasks in nitric acid and ammonia production processes


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