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Introducing Sensors+: Sensor Customizations

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Introducing Sensors+: Your Solution, Your Way with Sensor Customizations

Do you even customize? SICK’s customization program tailors solutions to your specifications

SICK strives to create the best solution possible for our customers. Sensor intelligence, independence, innovation, and leadership are the core elements of our identity, and we want to imbue these same elements into our customers’ solutions.

This is why we’re introducing Sensors+*, a program built to meet our customers’ specific needs with the basic essentials of customization. A lot of our sensors can be more adaptable to customers’ applications with just a few adjustments, like connectivity, mounting, labeling, and kitting.

Connectivity Options

SICK offers customization options for the cable or connector used in sensor solutions. This allows customers to integrate the sensors seamlessly into their existing systems or infrastructure. By providing various cable lengths, shielding, and sheathing types, or custom connector options, we can accommodate nearly any connectivity need to ensure maximum compatibility.

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