Problem Solver Sensor for Smart Object Detection

Featured Product from SICK

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SICK is launching its latest generation of miniature photoelectric sensors, the W4F. A new ASIC platform delivers numerous performance advantages to this product family. For example, these sensors can detect jet black, highly reflective, flat, or transparent objects with the utmost reliability. The W4F can also provide distance information, such as the height of objects and, as a result, identify process errors. Initial users have confirmed that the photoelectric sensors have the best ambient light and sunlight suppression on the market as well as maximum immunity to all known sources of optical interference.

The Blue Pilot operating concept combined with the innovative monitoring options make configuring and monitoring the sensors easier than ever which saves time during commissioning. IO-Link and new smart functions for sensor monitoring and diagnostics create the link to the digitalized machine and application world. The W4F provides maximum performance in the smallest installation space, reliable switching behavior and a guaranteed process setup, even in the new applications that open up for the W4F.

The next generation W4F with its highly rugged Vistal® plastic housing offers sensor functions and performance characteristics that were previously only available in the larger W16 and W26 product families from SICK. The Blue Pilot operating concept has been implemented in the W4F. The next generation of miniature photoelectric sensors offer the same look and feel – a consistency that makes operating and commissioning sensors significantly easier for users


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