SIPART PS2 digital valve positioner

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The SIPART ® PS2 electro-pneumatic valve positioner is used to control the final control element of pneumatic linear or part-turn valve actuators. The electro-pneumatic valve positioner moves the actuator to a valve position corresponding to the setpoint. Additional function inputs can be used to block the valve or to set a safety position. A binary input is present as standard in the basic device for this purpose.
The SIPART PS2 smart valve positioner is characterized by significant advantages compared to conventional devices, such as:
• Only one device version for linear and part-turn valve actuators
• Simple operation and programming using three keys and a two-line LCD
• Automatic startup function with self-adjustment of zero and span
• Manual operation without additional equipment
• Selectable or freely-programmable characteristics
• Minimum air consumption
• Selectable setpoint and manipulated variable limiting
• Programmable "tight shut-off function"
Download SIPART PS2 Electro-pneumatic Valve Positioner Catalog Specifications Sheet (1.2 MB) (PDF)
Integral Volume Booster Data Sheet (PDF)
Integral Volume Booster Brochure (PDF)
SIPART PS2 Operation and Maintenance Manuals
SIPART PS2 Product Details