Mass Flow Controllers for Control of Gases

Featured Product from Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Mass Flow Controllers for Dependable Control of Gases

Improved Mass Flow Control Performance Through Advanced Sensor Technology

Sierra's mass flow controllers represent some of our finest technical achievements as a mass flow controller manufacturer. What is the difference between other gas mass flow controllers and our SmartTrak family of instruments? Each mass flow controller from Sierra is designed so the physics are correct-resulting in excellent accuracy and repeatability.

Each digital mass flow controller features accuracy coupled with unsurpassed instrument stability. This level of mass flow control accuracy is a result of our patented, inherently linear design; advanced platinum sensor technology; and a mass flow control valve that is strong, flexible and forgiving.

Our mass flow controllers measure and control the mass flow rate of any clean dry gas, including mixtures, toxics and corrosives to very low-flow, flow ranges (i.e. 0 to 4 sccm) as well as higher, full-scale flow ranges up to 1000 slpm.