New Shop Floor Data Capture

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New Shop Floor Data Capture:
Web App that is now available as a web service, making it easily accessible from any platform. This new release also enhanced importing features such as: The OnShape import module now supports bendline detection, allowing you to enable this option on the SolidCAD Desktop during import; For DWG import, you can now enable XData String Tags to map contour-level XData to SigmaNEST part data fields; String Tag Mapping now supports mapping to Part Data fields that have been set up as fixed lists; and during 3D import, customers can now expand and collapse the Settings section, making it easy to view long part lists.

SigmaNEST – What’s New in X1.6
SigmaTEK Systems, the world’s leading CAD/CAM nesting solution provider, has released the latest version of their standard-setting platform, SigmaNEST. The SigmaNEST X1.6 release offers new and enhanced features as part of SigmaTEK’s on-going commitment to delivering innovative software.

The most advanced organizations around the world trust SigmaNEST to help them complete mission-critical work. With SigmaNEST X1.6, fabricators can expect to see increased speed and quality as the software allows their machines to achieve peak performance.

SigmaNEST X1.6 introduces:

  • Jobs Module
  • 3D Cut-to-Length Module
  • Shop Floor Data Capture Web App
  • Updated Pattern Nesting
  • Updated Shear and Strip Nesting
  • New Import Features
  • New Punch/Profile Features


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The Leading Profile Cutting and Sheet Metal CAD/CAM System in the World
SigmaNEST simply is the best nesting software in the industry. The proprietary nesting engines, developed and maintained by an expert team of mathematicians and engineers, offer unparalleled material utilization and nesting efficiency. SigmaNEST runs every type of machine, delivering maximum versatility and scalability to meet your requirements for today and beyond. It also increases productivity by saving valuable materials and manpower without sacrificing quality. SigmaNEST integrates with most popular design, manufacturing, and business programs using a simple and easy-to-learn interface.

All of this, plus the best customer support in the business, is why SigmaNEST is the industry leader with over 18,000 systems installed worldwide. And that number keeps growing. It is our drive, our passion, and our promise to give you the best software, service, and support in the industry. With SigmaNEST, your company truly can Nest with the Best®.

SigmaNEST leads the world in nesting systems for fabrication, providing unsurpassed material utilization, motion optimization, manpower efficiency, manufacturing automation, and data management.

SigmaTEK Services
We offer a variety of professional services, partner programs, and expert support to ensure that our company and software remains prolific in the manufacturing and fabrication industries. With more than 25 years of industry experience, we have become an integral part of the world’s manufacturing effort, helping shape the future of material fabrication technology and creating the standard in nesting software.

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The SigmaNEST ROI Calculator
Recently, we launched our new SigmaNEST website  and shared our Five Minute Tour, which highlights some of the most exciting features of the new website. One of our new features is the Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator.

Introducing SigmaNEST 365
SigmaNEST has just released a new way for you to move your operations into the cloud. SigmaNEST 365 is server-based software that will offer multiple benefits for any size shop.