Great Enclosures for Harsh, Rigid Environments

Product Announcement from Signature Enclosures

Great Enclosures for Harsh, Rigid Environments-Image

Our Signature Series fiberglass enclosures for industrial applications are available in free-standing or wall-mount design, and are constructed to NEMA 4X standards to protect against harsh and rigid environments. They are available with optional insulation, and our pricing is always based on our standard line. Our delivery time is typically 3 to 4 weeks after we receive your purchase order.

There is never any charge for engineering. We work with you to design your unique product. All of our tooling is done in-house, saving you time and expense. We use only the highest quality materials available, including all stainless steel hardware. We can match your color choices to better represent your corporate image.


· Manufactured to NEMA 4X standards

· Resin Systems: Fire Retardant Class 1

· Exterior Surface: Marine Grade Gelcoat

- Insulated with 1" urethane foam, R-8

· Smooth Skins: Interior & Exterior Surfaces


· Stainless Steel Hardware

· Stainless Steel Continuous or Lift-off Hinges

· Rubber (EPDM) Gasket

· 3 Point Latching System

Signature Enclosures began working with fiberglass over 50 years ago. For over 20 years, we have specialized in the manufacture of fiberglass enclosures for numerous demanding industrial applications. Our response to our customers' search for a reliable domestic manufacturer with the highest quality product has led to our reputation as the premier source for fiberglass enclosures in North America. Our enclosures are in use in extreme environments from scorching desert to frigid polar locations, in hostile oil, gas and chemical environments to water and wastewater treatment facilities. If quality, durability, reliability and cost concern you,

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