AcoustiRACK ACTIVE Soundproof Rackmount Cabinet

Product Announcement from Silentium Ltd.

AcoustiRACK ACTIVE Soundproof Rackmount Cabinet-Image

AcoustiRACK™ ACTIVE Soundproof Rackmount Cabinet with Active Noise Control

AcoustiRCK™ is a range of Soundproofed Rack mount Cabinets available in forms and comes in various sizes; Miracel® ARA (MARA) 33U, 15U (1000mm, 1200mm deep).

Silentium introduces a breakthrough in noise reduction performance with ARA™ of up to 30dBA equipment noise attenuation. The ARA™ has been designed to trap and absorb unwanted noise generated inside the rack, while actively allowing free air movement and heat exchange with the outside of the unit, resulting in up to 8KW cooling/heat dissipation.

Silentium's proprietary noise-cancelling technology is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noises. Once combined with unique high quality acoustic materials, this product achieves unprecedented spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum of up to 20dBA. These high performances are achieved by using the patent pending modular Active Silenced Fan Tray™ (ASFTTM) units, which can be easily applied to any miracle 19″racks.