Isolated 10-bit ADC for Mains Line Monitoring

Product Announcement from Silicon Labs

Isolated 10-bit ADC for Mains Line Monitoring-Image

Silicon Labs' new Si890x isolated ac mains monitoring analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) provide optimized line voltage monitoring and digital isolation for power management applications. The Si890x isolated ADCs are useful as linear signal galvanic isolators, level shifters and/or ground loop eliminators in many applications, including solar inverters, SMPS, UPS, and smart appliances, and industrial applications requiring isolated data acquisition.

The Si890x isolated ADCs feature:

  • Industry leading technology: 2.5 kV or 5 kV of galvanic isolation; > 60 years isolation barrier lifetime; excellent CMTI to reduce ground noise; low electromagnetic emissions
  • 10-bit ADC with 3-channel MUX: facilitates precise measurements of the voltage and current on the mains line (ADC is specified to ±1 LSB for both INL and DNL)
  • UART, I2C or SPI port options: no need to change the system controller - select option to pair with available port

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