Si7005 Single-Chip Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Product Announcement from Silicon Labs

Si7005 Single-Chip Humidity and Temperature Sensor-Image

Silicon Labs’ Si7005 digital relative humidity and temperature “sensor-on-a-chip” solution combines a mixed-signal IC manufactured on standard CMOS with a proven technique of measuring humidity using a polymer dielectric film. The sensor is ideal for a wide range of automotive, industrial and medical instrument applications that monitor or control relative humidity and temperature.

The Si7005 device integrates sensing elements, an analog-to-digital converter, signal processing, non-volatile memory for calibration data and an I²C interface in a monolithic CMOS IC.

  • On-chip signal conditioning circuitry simplifies the design platform – lower component count reduces design complexity; smaller overall footprint; faster time to market
  • Factory calibration for both relative humidity and temperature sensing – production line and field replaceable/interchangeable; no recalibration or software changes required
  • Optional factory-installed hydrophobic filter/cover for increased protection – protects sensor before, during and after assembly, and throughout end product’s lifetime; measurement sensitivity unaffected by presence of filter; eliminates material and labor costs