Si87xx Optocoupler Replacement Digital Isolators

Product Announcement from Silicon Labs

Si87xx Optocoupler Replacement Digital Isolators-Image

Silicon Labs’ new Si87xx digital isolator family is the industry’s first drop-in optocoupler replacement based on mainstream CMOS technology and incorporating an innovative light-emitting diode (LED) emulator input. The new digital isolators offer a perfect pin configuration, package and footprint fit for a number of optocoupler products while offering superior noise immunity, more robust performance and greater reliability, making them ideal for solar power inverters, industrial drives and other applications that often use optocouplers.

The Si87xx digital isolators offer significant advantages over competing optocouplers.

  • Pin-compatible, one-channel, drop-in optocoupler replacements for both retrofit and new system designs; data rates up to 15 Mbps
  • Directly connect to existing external optocoupler input circuits, including those that reverse-bias the optocoupler input LED
  • CMOS-based isolation architecture is ten times more reliable than optocouplers, enabling manufacturers to support longer end-product warranties and reduce costs associated with repairs or replacement
  • Device operating parameters vary only slightly across voltage and temperature, simplifying system designs (engineers no longer need to account for optocoupler aging effects)

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Si87xx Optocoupler Replacement Digital Isolators