The Si468x Single-Chip Digital Receivers

Product Announcement from Silicon Labs

The Si468x Single-Chip Digital Receivers -Image

Silicon Labs' new Si468x FM digital radios receivers are the industry's first single-die antenna-input-to-audio-output receiver ICs developed for the global portable and consumer electronics markets.The new family of receivers leverages software-defined radio to support HD Radio™ and DAB/DAB+ for a wide range of portable and home audio products, from price-sensitive clock and tabletop radios to high-end multimedia devices with displays such as mobile phones, tablets and personal navigation devices.

The new receivers directly address the consumer digital radio market by providing an advanced, single-die solution that reduces system complexity, bill of materials (BOM) count, size and power consumption without compromising RF performance.

Leveraging Silicon Labs’ proven low-IF digital receiver architecture, the Si468x family delivers superior RF performance compared to existing solutions.
» Supports auto-calibrated digital tuning and FM seek functionality based on multiple signal quality and band parameters
» Provides flexible audio processing features including noise blanking, configurable FM soft mute, FM de-emphasis and FM hi-cut filtering
» Offers the smallest footprint and lowest power consumption of any other on the market (less than 60 mW in analog FM mode and less than 95 mW in HD Radio and DAB/DAB+ modes)

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Si468x FM Digital Radio Receivers