Angular Contact Bearings

Product Announcement from SilverThin Bearing Group of Mechatronics Inc.

In applications with axial loads in one direction the A-Type, angular contact ball bearing should be used. This bearing also works well in radial or combined radial-thrust applications. The A-Type bearing should never be used alone to support moment loads or reversing axial loading.

Two A-Type bearings are often used as duplex pair. Different configurations for duplex bearings are shown in the Engineering section of this website.

Please consult SilverThin engineering for application of these bearings.

The SilverThin Bearing Group manufactures large diameter thin section ball bearings for the aerospace, industrial, robotics, and distributor markets. Silverthin bearings are manufactured in the United States in standard configurations, sealed and unsealed, up to 37 inches in diameter. Standard bearings are stocked or in production to meet customer short lead time requirements.

Special bearings are engineered and manufactured up to 37 inches in diameter, some from special materials, to serve the needs of their diverse customer base.