Dual axis medium current stepper motion controller

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Dual axis bipolar stepper controller for motors up to 3.125 amps per phase.

In 1997, Simple Step LLC introduced a revolutionary new stepper motion controller product line to the motion control industry. The product line is named Simple Step®. Simple Step products have quietly been moving into many new and old motion control applications. Starting with a simple single-axis controller board named the SSCB, the Simple Step product line has grown to large, multi-axis systems.

The name Simple Step says it all. Unlike other systems that require purchase of separate controllers (translators) and motor drivers, Simple Step provides all of the necessary electronics on a single printed circuit board that is usually smaller than most controller boards alone. Motion commands are delivered to Simple Step products using unique RS232-compatible serial communications, allowing multiple Simple Step products to be used on either a single serial channel or on an industry-standard multi-drop RS422/485. But don’t let the Simple Step name fool you, since the performance is far from simple! 

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