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Solve the 3 Most Common SiC Issues in EVs

Featured Product from Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

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Electrification is transforming the automotive industry, forcing designers who once worried about fuel economy to now think about charge times, range, and power converter efficiency. Electric vehicles
(EVs) represent a radical shift from the internal combustion engines (ICE) that have dominated vehicle sales for nearly a century. Manufacturers are hunting for disruptive technology to make their EVs stand out. Silicon carbide (SiC) is positioned to be one of those technologies. When used properly, SiC FETs significantly improve the efficiency of the high voltage power conversion systems. However, like any new technology, SiC has its own nuances. Skyworks latest gate driver technology solves three of the most common SiC FET design issues with industry leading immunity to common mode transients, parasitic turn on prevention, and protection against shoot through.

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