4320 Easy-to-Use Electrical Safety / Hipot Tester

Product Announcement from Slaughter Company (SCI)

4320 Easy-to-Use Electrical Safety / Hipot Tester-Image

The 4320 allows manufacturers to perform AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond tests in a single instrument. This no-nonsense tester is easy-to-use and allows manufacturers to set-up and perform tests with a few button pushes. Test functionality includes a 5 KV, 20 mA AC Hipot, 6 KV, 5 mA DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and a 30 Amp Ground Bond.

The 4320 includes the most intuitive menu system in the industry, reducing setup time and increasing production line throughput for any application. With multiple memories and an optional RS-232 interface, you can quickly perform tests on a variety of DUT’s from the front panel or with a PC. Equipped with everything you need and nothing you don't - the 4320 is the right solution!

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Advanced Features include:

Multiple test memories - 6 memories with 6 steps per memory
RS-233 Interface (Optional)
Tamper proof controls
Low current sense
Simple menu control
Electronic dwell settings
Electronic ramping
Enhanced PLC remote control
Milliohm offset
Continuous Duty Cycle Ratings

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