Bearing Preload Series Expansion

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Smarter Solutions for Smaller Applications

Smalley is pleased to announce the expansion of our Bearing Preload Series. Smalley continues to push the limits in coiling innovation. The expansion of our popular bearing preload (SSB) series adds diameters ranging from 9 mm to 13 mm.  Now over 300 SSB springs are stocked in carbon and stainless steel with free samples available to test in your application.

The SSB series is a popular choice among engineers, the single turn wave spring helps eliminate bearing play and minimize noise. The constant light/medium pressure they apply removes play between the ball bearings and the bearings’ inner and outer races. Preloading can reduce the possibility of bearing damage due to vibration (vibratory loading) and wear due to repetitive and non-repetitive runout.

Newly expanded manufacturing capabilities allow Smalley to design and manufacture traditional Smalley Wave Spring and Spirolox® Retaining Rings down to .165”, or 4 mm diameters. Challenge us to see if we can design a ring or spring for your compact application. Ask Smalley™

Download Smalley's SSB Series Expansion Insert